Shopping is good for preventing Alzheimer’s disease

Shopping is good for preventing Alzheimer’s disease

Many people know the word “use and retreat.”

Therefore, regardless of what activities the elderly do, it is beneficial to prevent brain degradation.

However, a recent foreign survey has shown a very interesting result: cooking and shopping are far more likely to prevent Alzheimer’s disease than playing mahjong.

  The study was conducted by researchers at the Yang Lan Ling Medical College of the National University of Singapore. After a two-year follow-up survey of 1,635 local Chinese over the age of 55, the study found that older people are cooking, shopping, volunteering, etc.Anti-aging dementia achieved by participating in sports (such as walking, running, playing Tai Chi or swimming, etc.) and participating in social activities (such as participating in community gatherings, participating in various senior clubs, playing mahjong, playing intellectual games, watching movies, traveling, etc.)The effect is more obvious.

  The data show that those who continue to work, or often cook and shop, have a 64% reduction in their cognitive ability compared to those who have never done such activities; those who are active and have no exercise at all imitate and recognizeThe probability of degeneration is only reduced by 22%; the effect of social activities on reducing cognitive decline is transformed, and the probability of cognitive decline is only reduced by 15%.

  In the past, people thought that playing brain-enhancing activities such as playing bridges or playing mahjong helped to slow down the decline of cognitive ability, but the results were very surprising.

  In this sense, the researchers said that in a sense, activities such as doing housework and continuing employment are regular activities that are done every day, so their effects will be more obvious.

  Investigators believe: “The urgent need for enhanced or irritating activities can help stimulate the growth and development of nerve cells.

Work, cooking or cooking or military horticultural activities need to involve more thinking and planning, so it is difficult to classify recreational alternatives for leisure activities, and of course stimulate more brain cell activities, thus effectivelySlows and prevents brain degradation.

“There are data showing that there are currently more than 26 million Alzheimer’s patients worldwide.

Therefore, research on this disease has been recognized.

It is understood that the results of this survey have been awarded the Geriatric Psychiatry Research Award from the International Geriatric Psychiatric Association.