Is there any contraindication to the scrotal plasma diet?

Three dietary taboos need to be noted!

Is there any contraindication to the scrotal plasma diet?

Three dietary taboos need to be noted!

Regarding the disease of scrotal eczema, in life, we should take timely measures to treat, and avoid excessive drinking.

Do not eat spicy food, not only the habit of overeating, to develop good habits, to avoid the harm caused by the scrotal deviation, damage the health of the reproductive organs, affect fertility, let us go specificallyLearn about.

The three major dietary contraindications for patients with scrotal plasma are avoiding excessive drinking.

Chinese medicine believes that acne is mostly hot and humid, drinking can help its damp heat, and wine can make the iliac veins congested, expand and relax, make the sputum nucleus swollen, clinically found that a large number of acne patients are particularly sensitive to alcohol, generally half an hour after drinkingFeeling anal discomfort, the next day can be blood in the stool, such as suffering from wine, the consequences are more serious.

Therefore, people with acne should preferably avoid alcohol.

Second, avoid spicy food.

Spicy and irritating food is a big love for many people.

However, it is important to know that these foods can stimulate local blood vessels in the retina, causing congestion and expansion, causing tingling and swelling during defecation, thereby exacerbating or inducing acne.

Especially pepper, pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, etc., should be eaten less.

Alcohol can cause congestion of the iliac vein, dilatation and swelling of the nucleus causing eczema eczema.

Third, avoid having overeating habits.

Many people have developed the bad habit of “watching food and eating”. The food is poor and eaten. When the dish is good, it will be eaten vigorously. This will cause survival and unevenness, affecting the rehabilitation function, causing damage to the spleen and stomach, resulting in dampness and turbidity, endogenous qi and blood stasis.Hemorrhoids can often occur, especially after overeating, the abdomen is greatly enlarged, and the pressure in the abdominal cavity is increased, so that hemodialysis in the vein is affected, thereby aggravating the condition.

These are the dietary contraindications for patients with scrotal cysts, and I hope that all patients with scrotal cysts will remember.