The lonely bus complex of the old man

The lonely bus complex of the old man

Old people, loneliness, the bus, these words, if you can connect them together, it may be somewhat sad.

Due to the loneliness of life, some elderly people with old-age cards have turned public transport into a part of their lives.

They have no purpose in travelling, just want to see the lively scenery outside the window.

Apply a network buzzword “The old man is not a car, it is lonely!

“Pharaoh who often takes the bus is one of them. A few days ago, the reporter accidentally met the father when he was riding a car. During the conversation, he told reporters that his children and grandchildren were busy at work and only came to visit at home on weekends.he.

When it’s okay, the old man likes to take a bus and stroll around to ease the loneliness of life.

  ”I have an old card, I am free of charge, and there are many people in the car who give me a seat.

More importantly, the car is very lively, you can also look at the scenery outside the car window along the way, I feel so relieved.

“Pharaoh said, the old people in the next seat also echoed, indicating alignment.

  In the interview, the reporter learned that like Lao Wang, many elderly people have indeed turned public transportation into a part of their lives.

An old man also said that he had to take a bus four or five times a day. Sometimes he felt that he had nothing to do. He sat down at the terminal and sat back.

Too many old people also said that if there are no special hobbies for the elderly in their 70s, I really don’t know what to do. I can only watch the scenery by bus to pass the time.

  In this regard, the reporter also interviewed relevant psychological experts, they said that the elderly have passed the “two hurdles”, one is to quit from the busy work after retirement, one is the grandchildren who grew up from the heavy chores, thenThe elderly are very easy to feel, life suddenly lost the focus, although the mind is very empty.

  At this time, they should think more about whether they have some hobbies and hobbies that they don’t have time to learn when they are young, and take a leisurely study to learn, “get old and learn” and “get old”, the elderly should learn some accordingly.Calligraphy, painting and Taijiquan and other dynamic and static skills, fitness and brain skills, from which you can also exchange some like-minded students to exchange, so that your life is enriched, so that you can stay away from loneliness and loneliness.

  The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Ageing Office said that the city has carried out too many activities suitable for the elderly, such old-age painting and calligraphy associations, and old-age literary groups.

Various communities also have groups and venues such as the elderly yangko team, the old patch art, the old star house, and specialize in the entertainment and fitness of the elderly.

  However, these are far from enough. The elderly need to pay attention and attention from all aspects of society. In some social activities, they are invited to participate, and they are often quoted and given full respect and understanding.