I want to go to the bathroom when I am nervous, you may get sick.

I want to go to the bathroom when I am nervous, you may get sick.

Have you ever encountered the following situation, you are going to be late, people are very nervous, but when you suddenly want to go to the toilet; you work wrong, called the office by the boss, you are very nervous, but you want to go to the toilet at this time;At the beginning, you raise your hand and say that you want to go to the bathroom and so on.

There are people who are particularly serious in this situation. When they are nervous, they will have stomachaches, want to go to the bathroom, or have unbearable abdominal pain.

You may feel that you may be cold, or eat cold food and eat your stomach.

Ignore it, this may be a disease, a disease that we don’t usually see.

  Irritable bowel syndrome It is a functional rehabilitation disease. When someone feels nervous, they want to go to the bathroom.

It generally does not cause or worsen the disease. It is a disease that needs to be a long-term struggle. It also requires us to combine various methods for treatment.

In China, its incidence rate is up to 15%, but there is a fairly low rate of medical treatment.

First and foremost, people don’t know much about it. Many people think that diarrhea is cold, and it can be eaten with digestive drugs or anti-inflammatory drugs.

As a result, it may be a problem in our stomach, which has delayed the treatment time and ultimately led to more serious health problems.

  The specific cause of irritable bowel syndrome caused by irritable bowel syndrome is still unclear, but clinical manifestations are probably related to two major factors.

One is nerve and mental abnormality. The most important manifestation of irritable bowel syndrome is that you want to go to the toilet when you are nervous. Studies have shown that people may change certain functions of interaction when they are mentally stressed, leading to abnormal gastrointestinal motility.There is a phenomenon that I want to go to the toilet immediately.

However, it is still uncertain whether it is caused by the nerves of the intestinal wall or by the central nervous system. It is considered that the irritable bowel syndrome is a physiological disease type gastrointestinal disease.

  The second is to interfere with the irritating substances in the body, such as food, drugs, microorganisms, etc., which may stimulate our stomach and stomach, thus making the irritable bowel syndrome more serious.

But specifically what causes the abnormalities in the stomach and intestines, and there are no certain spots in modern research.

  How to prevent treatment It relaxes the mentality of life, needs to maintain a good attitude towards life, take life seriously, work positively, and usually do more physical exercise, which will change the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and is very effective for preventive treatment.

  Maintain good eating habits and minimize the intake of high-residue foods. If fried foods; coffee that is irritating to the stomach, alcohol should be less touched; eat less foods that produce gas in the body, such as soy products.

If your main symptom is diarrhea, you can eat less fiber and vegetables to prevent diarrhea; and if your main symptom is constipation, you can eat a small amount of fiber food to reduce constipation symptoms.

  Choosing the right treatment. When we have symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome, be sure to seek medical advice promptly. Under the guidance of a doctor, take some antidiarrheal and cathartic drugs. Or take probiotics to change probiotics in the body.Group, above, diabetes or inconspicuous effects, while patients have obvious mental problems, then take medication to treat depression under the guidance of a doctor.

  Common treatment of disease recipes ginger syrup: 12 grams of ginger, 9 grams of Ai Ye, 6 red dates, 15 grams of brown sugar, 15 grams of sugar.

Wash the ginger sludge with water, remove the ginger skin, and cut into thin slices for use.

Wash the dust of the leaves of Ai leaves with water for later use.

Wash the red dates with a little water and then wash off the leaves and remove the dates.

After the above items are ready, put them in the casserole, add appropriate amount of water and boil over medium heat, and eat after warming.

It can relieve the abdominal pain in the cold.

  Grass cassia honey drink: 30 grams of Cassia, 30 grams of net honey.

First, we will pick up the grass and remove the sundries. Then we will put it into the casserole and stir fry it. Then put it into the casserole and add the appropriate amount of water to fry it.

After frying, take the medicinal juice, add honey and mix well, serve once in the morning and evening.

Suitable for yin and jin deficiency, intestinal dry constipation and other symptoms.

  Guijiao porridge: 6 grams of cinnamon, 30 grams of astragalus, 9 grams of licorice, 100 grams of rice, the amount of sugar.

Wash the scutellaria with clean water first, and wash the rice with water.

After the materials are ready, put the sassafras, cinnamon, and licorice together in a casserole, add 600 ml of water, cook over medium heat for 20 minutes, then remove the dregs and add the rice to the medicinal porridge.

When the porridge is cooked, add a proper amount of white sugar and mix thoroughly.

Suitable for patients with debilitating chronic diarrhea.

  In life, we often have a situation where we want to go to the toilet when we are nervous. Sometimes, it may be that we are cold, and when the spirit is tense, it will be displayed soon.

But sometimes it can be the manifestation of irritable bowel syndrome, but we don’t know, treating it as a general disease will eventually lead to more serious health problems.

Therefore, we should correctly understand the problem of tension leading to the toilet.