Liu Bowen, the founding father of the Ming Dynasty, actually built a village with Taiji Astrology

Liu Bowen, the founding father of the Ming Dynasty, actually built a village with Taiji Astrology

[Wuyi Yuyuan]Wuyi County, which is known as “healthy and rich land”, is not to be missed except for the humanities and historical sites here.

Yuyuan, a 20-kilometer-long county town, is a typical ancient village. Recently, he was fortunate enough to enter the ancient opposite of the founding of the Southern Song Dynasty.

[Baowen Caotang]The story of Yu Yuan should be started from the curved river and the “Baowen Caotang” in the village. Yu Yucun has a surname of Yu. Why did he meet with Liu Bowen, the founding father of the Ming Dynasty?The five generations of Sun Yuxi and the founding father of the Ming Dynasty, Liu Bowen, were friends of the same class. He asked Tian Lili to know the geography of Liu Bowen to create a unique village by the Eight Diagrams.

Under the centuries-old tree, the “Berwen Caotang” is slightly green, the flat plate of the paint is flat, the dull wooden wall, the horse head wall above the black tile rises high, and the fingers are pointed for a few moments.He once knew that later generations circulated the story of his village change.

“Peace and avoid evil” “No money is not allowed”, the sound of the fortune teller in the Bo Wencao Hall attracted my footsteps. The old man has a short and hard character, wearing a black hat, for some learning.The old man, I will have a kind of inexplicable awe. The old man said that his surname Yu is more than 80 years old. He usually writes fortune for a living. Many people will find him when they encounter fate problems.The first 祠]is a family-owned landmark in the south of the Yangtze River. Each village has its own slogan.After the war was destroyed, after the reconstruction, the ancestral temple was replaced. “Things are man-made, people are determined to win the day.” Several red slogans on the gate are eye-catching. The mammoth revolution can spread to such a hidden place and marvel.

[Ancient stage]”How many red dust passengers, how many past clouds and smoke” “Jinhua eight counties first” Yu’s ancient stage, and how many different and reunion, the painting in the center is considered to be Tang Xuanzong and Yang GuifeiThe story of reunion in the moon palace.

[Sound Yuantang]The Shengyuan Hall built in the second year of Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty, because the main hall is facing the green and tall Liufeng Mountain, so the far-reaching hall is called Liufengtang and Dahua Hall.

The sea (fish), land (beast), and empty (bird) on the fa?ade beam are rare. The most amazing thing is the color of the woodcarving, which indicates that it will change through the weather and see the red in the main hall.The sedan chair, people seem to be in the lively scene of the bridegroom to meet the bride!

“Shuangxi Jiuyi ring and hug, cloud can be ploughed and fish can be caught in the moon, turf grass fragrant yellow scorpion fat, silver wave shadow goldfish jump”, Ming Dynasty Jinshi Yujun wrote “Yu Yuan eight Jingge” is Yu YuanThe best portrayal, across the banks of the stream, the flowers are diffuse, the fish and ducks are in groups, the woman who washes, here is more of life, a scene of no competition, more like a sketch of a young man painting a wooden board.A simple and honest picture of Jiangnan Water Village.

If you are in Jiangnan, don’t miss Yu Yuan.


.Tips: Transportation: After arriving in Wuyi, take the No. 6 bus to Wuyi West Bus Station, where you can take the bus directly to Yuyuan to arrive, about half an hour, with a ticket of 4 yuan.

Tickets: 30 yuan for adult tickets;

Children under 2 meters, free of charge for senior citizens over 70 years old;

2 meters -1.

For children 4 meters, the student’s voucher is half price; for those over 60 years old (with valid ID), 20% off.

Special reminder: If you do not enter the ancient building, you do not need tickets.