Let the fat move to where you want to convex

Let the fat move to where you want to “convex”

Autologous fat transplantation is the process of extracting excess subcutaneous fat cells from certain parts of the body itself, then purifying and disposing of the aspirated mixture, injecting drugs to obtain composite fat granules, and selecting intact granule fat cells to be transplanted to their own needs by injection.Parts that are filled with fat, such as breasts, lips, etc., are used to treat flat chest, asymmetrical breasts on both sides, superficial fine wrinkles, thin lips, thick lips, and the like.
The fat extracted by itself does not have a rejection reaction, achieving the dream of slimming and beauty.
  Weight loss: The current advanced liposuction and fat transplantation technology draws on the advantages of Korean plastic surgery. The whole operation is done in a closed state. Because the fat tissue is completely isolated from the air, the sterility is strong and the infection is reduced. For the patient.safer.
The pressurized injection prevents the phenomenon of the capsule of the radical injection, which can control the amount of the transplanted fat, making the part of the weight loss symmetrical and uniform.
  Breast enhancement: autologous fat transplantation to lose weight, breast enhancement, in theory, this is the most ideal breast augmentation method, and has an irreplaceable advantage over prosthetic breast augmentation.
If silicone is implanted into the human body, there may be many discomforts and complications, such as leakage and aging.
However, the body fat is much better, and it can be repeatedly injected repeatedly. It is very easy to control the height and size of the breast. The shape after the shaping is soft, natural, smooth and delicate.
Moreover, the use of self-fat augmentation also reduced the fat accumulated in other parts of the body, trimming the curve of women, and truly realized the dream of adding and subtracting in the body sculpture.
  翘臀:自体脂肪移植最能发挥优势的部位除了胸部外还有臀部,臀部的整形效果被很多医生称做 “ 圆润的美丽 ” 因为自体脂肪移植所移植的游离脂肪颗粒,注射时创伤小,不只No obvious scars, and it is very easy to shape, you can take out a beautiful hip.
  Remove crow’s feet: After moving, the fat can also be injected into the wrinkles of the eyebrows and the crow’s feet of the eyes, thus slowing down and smoothing the wrinkles.
This new generation of fat transplantation technology, paying attention to more delicate fat cell disposal techniques, requires fat cells to not rupture and necrosis during transplantation, thereby improving survival rate, so there is no rejection problem, and the wound is small.
In this way, this new type of fat grafting is not only for facial wrinkles, but also for the various bumps on the face, such as small pits, thin upper lip, deep nasolabial fold, small earlobe, etc., a naturalThere is no treatment plan for sequelae.