Life needs confidence, how to cultivate confidence

Life needs confidence, how to cultivate confidence


Cultivating patience and self-confidence does require training. The so-called “cultivation” means that it is not up to date.

Therefore, the most important goal of developing self-confidence is to have patience. If you lack patience, you should cultivate patience.

If you don’t have patience, you can’t do anything, let alone “confident.”

If you achieve something, you will grow with confidence.


People who acquire and master a skill with learning ability are usually very confident, and vice versa. People who are truly confident usually believe in their ability to learn.

So when faced with challenges, they will not be afraid, they will not be guilty, because they know that “it is not a big deal to learn.”

The foundation of self-learning is patience, and acquiring any kind of skill will make the city more aware of the importance of patience, and at the same time be more confident because of patience and learning ability.

As long as you take the time to really master a skill, it becomes easier to learn the other skills – this is a virtuous circle.


It is believed that the stone with the accumulated strength can not stop the seed from germination, only because the seed once germinated, the cell division is not even fast, but it will never end.

Everyone knows the truth that dripping water can wear stone, but it seems that no one believes – the person at the starting point is like a cell or a drop of water, but most people mistakenly think that they might be strong and sharp at the starting point.Beam laser, but not realistic.

It is necessary to cultivate patience through learning and patience to wait for the unimaginable benefits and strengths gained after long-term accumulation.


No one can understand everything about his limitations.

Even people with truly powerful learning skills can’t do everything they can because they don’t have enough time.

Some areas do have talents.

It is inferior to humble yourself in places where you really are not good at it – there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

When you are inferior, you don’t feel inferior, you have a psychological burden – and you will never lose the burden. In the end, you will definitely drag your confidence.

Everything is good enough to be confident. If you don’t do well, it’s hard to be confident, but if you haven’t played it yet, you will carry one after another, how far can you go?

How good can you do?


Everything must be done in advance to speak loudly, and formal wear, at most, can only let one person “appear” confidence, not really confident.

“Sit in the first row” may be because of myopia, “fast walking” is often because the concept of time is not strong – these are not related to self-confidence.

Doing anything, doing enough homework in advance, it is difficult to think about not being confident.

Self-confidence does not mean self-righteousness, and self-righteous people will eventually be smashed by reality.

The Chinese said that “the things are in the sky and the people are in the people”, the Westerners say “God’s return to God, Caesar’s return to Caesar”, somewhere is the same thing: don’t pay attention to luck (it will come naturally when it comes)), it is important to concentrate on doing your homework.


Attention to the details, as the saying goes, “The experts look at the doorway, and the layman looks at the excitement.”

When we pay attention to one thing for a long time, we will find ourselves as if we are “opening the sky”, and we can see more and more clearly.

Be sure to stay focused on what you have to do; besides being focused, focus on being short.

Only in this way can we have the ability to see more details and be able to do enough homework to be able to change.

Many times, the so-called “success” is just an intermediate state, and “some success” is a challenge.

People with obvious details are not arbitrary, just because the hard work has not arrived; after the hard work has not arrived, the “intermediate state” is followed by a greater failure.


Cultivate a calm attitude and walk slowly, and the posture is naturally calm; the speech is slower, and the voice is smaller, others can be quite clear.

But these are all forms, the key is that the brain can’t be slow.
The action is too fast, just because the brain is too slow, so too little and not thoughtful.
Anyone with a speech experience knows that speaking too fast is actually more likely because of tension.

The more capable people are, the easier it is to be calm, because their ability to break through makes them control the situation.

Being calm is not something that can be imitated, it is raised – by strength.


Anyone who cares about the people around them needs the support and care of the people around them. He thinks that the people around him need his support. He cares the same.

Contrary to what many people believe, there are too many friends, and not necessarily a good thing.

Because caring for one person to support a person takes time, and the ultimate limit that everyone can’t overcome is only one thing – time.

Choose your friends carefully because you will share your life with them.

Without such an attitude, there would be no real friends.

People who have three or two true friends will be more confident.


Try to be independent and assume the necessary responsibilities. A philosopher said this: “The degree of happiness of a person depends on how large he can be independent of the world.”

This sentence contains profound wisdom.

In many cases, independence means taking the necessary responsibilities in its entirety; those who can use their abilities to take the necessary responsibilities are necessarily more confident.

If a person is not independent, he will often become a burden to others. No one does not hate the burden, and how can a person who is hated be confident?

Confident people know a simple truth, they are themselves, others are others; their own things are done by themselves, and their own responsibilities are borne by themselves.


It is always good not to pursue perfect perfection easily, but it is not always possible.

There is only one thing in the pursuit of perfection: the standard is getting lower and lower.

There are many examples of living in this way. Many saints and saints (leftovers and women) are thus made.

Learning to survive imperfectly in this imperfect world is a rare wisdom.

A deep understanding of the talents that “imperity is the norm” may lead to “not inevitably inferiority.”

With patience, accumulation, and normal IQ, even if you can’t do the best, you can do better. Why bother?