Improving immunity, scientific drinking water is very important

Improving immunity, scientific drinking water is very important

Scientifically supplementing the body’s moisture can improve immunity.

Sources of water in the body include water and water in the food and endogenous water.

Usually about 1200 ml of drinking water per person per day, about 300 ml of endogenous water, endogenous water is mainly protein, traces and water produced by lipids.

  Under normal circumstances, except for each person, every day, through rice, vegetables, soup, water to add water, you should also add about 8 cups of water.

Of course, the amount of drinking water is small, and the individual’s age, individual differences such as high and low, fat and thin, gender, momentum, climate change, whether there is disease, diet, occupation, etc.

Here are a few of the scientific drinking water methods.

  (1) Cool boiled water is the best drink for humans. Is the temperature of boiling water at 20?
25 ° C of boiled water, can penetrate the cell membrane, promote metabolism, increase blood hemoglobin will improve the body’s immune function.

  (2) The amount of drinking water per day should be high on an empty stomach after getting up in two reasonable and reasonable mornings (at least about 250 ml). After a night of sleep, the body is in a relatively physiological state of water shortage, liquefaction is concentrated, and blood circulation is slowed down.The waste in metabolism can not be cleared at any time. The medicine|Education Network collects the morning fasting drinking water, which can correct the above disorders and restore the normal physiological state: Drinking water in moderation before the meal can make the digestive organs secrete enough digestive juice to promote appetite and help digestion.Absorption; drink at night before going to bed, can ensure the water needed at night, prevent large-scale cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases due to hemodynamics and rheology at night.

  (3) After the water that has not been repeatedly consumed by drinking is opened, the water will become gas and escape, so that the content of minerals and toxic metals contained in the water will increase relatively, and the nitrate ions contained in the water may also beReducing to toxic nitrite, the medical research network often collects such water, which is harmful to the human body.

Therefore, steamed rice, steamed steamed casserole water, it is not appropriate to make tea, porridge and stew.

  (4) Do not drink too much water, a large amount of excessive drinking water per day can induce bladder cancer.

  (5) Rapid and large amount of drinking water is not appropriate. Rapid and large amount of drinking water can cause blood sodium reduction and brain edema, headache, nausea and vomiting, and even mental confusion and coma.

In severe cases, unrecoverable brain damage may occur.