Avoid the 6 big mistakes in the slimming plan

Avoid the 6 big mistakes in the slimming plan

I have been troubled by my own weight, and I have taken action, but what makes you wonder is: always keep in mind from high heat and high fat, and exercise tirelessly. Why do you have too much meat and less

Is it “natural to be fat, it must be reasonable”?

In fact, some of the methods you use as a way to lose weight are just the snipers who ruin your slimming path.


1 Hungry, dieting, starving, eating less, yes, you will lose a lot of things, and when you are often hungry, you are seriously deficient, especially when the protein is insufficient, our body will also start rebelling, in order to maintainThe body is functioning normally, and the muscle tissue begins to temporarily begin to introduce the tragic role of energy.

As everyone knows, muscle is the key to affecting the amount of combustion and the speed of metabolism.

More muscle means that the aunt is less, and our body will have a restarting metabolic rate.

  Solution: When you really want to introduce weight loss through controlled transfer, make sure to eat at least 1600 to 1800 calories per day to prevent metabolic disorders.

Also remember: don’t cross the protein part of your diet.


2 Eat too fine Most of the bread and cereals that look delicious after processing are another stumbling block in your slimming plan.

Be careful, because the amount of cellulose in them is very small — cellulose fiber plant foods are a big contributor to weight loss, they lead to ultra-low easy to give you a feeling of fullness will not gain weight.

  For example: throw those soft white bread, crispy potato chips, low-fiber breakfast cereals aside, try whole-grain food, nuts or beans and other coarse grains.


3 The consequences of gorging and gorging are not only the inability to carefully taste the delicious food, but also particularly easy to overeat.

  Solution: I am born to be an acute child, what should I do?

Don’t worry, every bite of food, chew thoroughly, and swallow it comfortably. You can put down your chopsticks with a gentlemanly manner and take a sip of water.


4 sports can solve all swimming, kicking, gym, hard work is equal to weight loss success?

In fact, simply fighting physical exercise will not make you fit.

The reason is simple: after exercise, the appetite is diametered, the amount of consumption is more replenished, and the weight naturally rises all the way.

  Solution: How much is a delicious sauce beef?

Does this beer at hand have destroyed the weight loss plan today?

Controlling how much food is eaten for each meal is absolutely necessary for weight loss, because the fat that has just been smashed in the gym is quietly returned to you.


5 drinking too little to lose weight, water is an indispensable companion.

The harmful decomposition of waste in our body, the treated protein residue will be converted into water to replace the body.

Water can help you cool down during intense summer sports.

  Solution: Prepare a large kettle with a capacity of 1 liter. Your drinking plan is to drink all the water in the pot within one day.

Clarified, light yellow urine is recognized as an important indicator of water drinking.


6 Complacent “I have already lost 5 kilograms. I can celebrate with friends and have a drink.”

“You can’t easily relax your vigilance because of this.” Maybe you will meet again and you will change back to the “fat”.

  Solution: Recall: How much it cost to lose 5 kilograms!

At this time, you need a strong willpower to defend the results of the previous battle and launch the impact on the next 5 kilograms.